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Pray Unswayed Deluxe Strategy Binder
Pray Unswayed Deluxe Strategy Binder
Pray Unswayed Deluxe Strategy Binder

Pray Unswayed Deluxe Strategy Binder

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How would it change your prayer life if you knew for sure that your prayers were being heard and that your requests would be granted? 

The Pray Unswayed Deluxe Strategy Binder will show you how to unlock the power of prayer by teaching you how to pray with boldness according to God’s will based on the Bible.

This 160+ page DELUXE strategy binder can help you maximize your prayer life, offering a place to organize and record your prayers so you can pray fervently and recognize God's answers.

The Pray Unswayed Strategy Binder is designed to be your comprehensive companion in prayer, offering:

>>>a purposeful way to organize your prayers, including sections for confession, blessing, personal prayers, answers to prayer, and more!

>>>an effective tool for praying about those you care most about, including specific family relationships, friends, your church, community, and beyond

>>>a beautiful design that will make you eager to record your prayers and God’s answers

>>>inspiration for your prayers, including devotional thoughts, Scripture, and quotes about the power of prayer

Sections include:

  • Inspiration for Prayer
  • Attributes of God
  • Names of God
  • Confession
  • Gratitude
  • Building Your Faith
  • Personal Prayer
  • Praying the Fruit of the Spirit
  • Prayers for Loved Ones
  • Prayers for the Church
  • Prayers for Your Community and Beyond

Praying the Scriptures has been a primary aspect of my Christian growth over the past several years.

As I learned to pray the Scriptures for myself some time ago, I began writing about it on my blog. It’s hard to believe, but by God’s grace, my writing has helped more than 800,000 people pray the Scriptures.

I would love to show you how to develop your prayer life, diving deep into God’s Word to know Him better, love Him more, approach Him with confidence, and watch Him work through your prayers.

The book and binder are yours for life in PDF format. Please note that this is a digital product and therefore cannot be returned for refund.