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Pray Unswayed Bundle (a complete program for praying the Scriptures)
Pray Unswayed Bundle (a complete program for praying the Scriptures)
Pray Unswayed Bundle (a complete program for praying the Scriptures)
Pray Unswayed Bundle (a complete program for praying the Scriptures)
Pray Unswayed Bundle (a complete program for praying the Scriptures)

Pray Unswayed Bundle (a complete program for praying the Scriptures)

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How would it change your prayer life if you knew for sure that your prayers were being heard and that your requests would be granted? 
Pray Unswayed will show you how to unlock the power of prayer by teaching you how to pray with boldness according to God’s will based on the Bible. 
This bundle of resources includes:
  • a full-length book containing Scripture-based prayers divided by topics that cover practically any season or circumstance in life. 
  • a 160+ page strategy binder to help your prayer life become as effective as possible, offering a place to organize your prayers and record them 
  • 2 BONUS training videos offering intensive instruction about how to pray the Scriptures and answering top FAQ's

The book and binder are yours for life in PDF format. Please note that this is a digital product and therefore cannot be returned for refund. 

Want more info? Read on!

You’re a Christian who wants to pray. You know you need to pray. But the truth is that you sometimes struggle with guilt or discouragement because you just don’t pray as much as you should.

You want to have a better prayer life, but too often, you find yourself…

>>>limping through prayer,

>>>barely mustering a desire to pray,

>>>not entirely sure of what to say,

>>>struggling to focus your wandering mind.

Or maybe your prayer life is strong, but you want to take it to the next level. 

>>>You value your prayer time and want to make sure it’s as effective as possible.

>>>You enjoy praying for other people and you’d like some fresh prayer prompts.

>>>You want to pray even more specifically for your own spiritual growth, relationship with God, and the fruit of the Spirit.

>>>You worship God often in prayer and would benefit from a thorough list of His attributes and His names in Scripture.

Whether your prayer life is struggling, strong, or somewhere in between, there’s always room for growth!

Meet the resources that are included in your Pray Unswayed bundle:

RESOURCE #1  Pray Unswayed is a book containing more than four hundred Scriptures, a virtual powerhouse covering fifty prayer topics that will serve as a roadmap for effective prayer, guiding you in praying the Scriptures over every season and circumstance of life.

RESOURCE #2 – The Pray Unswayed Strategy Binder is a 160+ page workbook designed to be your comprehensive companion in prayer, offering:

>>>a purposeful way to organize your prayers, including sections for confession, blessing, personal prayers, answers to prayer, and more!

>>>an effective tool for praying about those you care most about, including specific family relationships, friends, your church, community, and beyond

>>>a beautiful design that will make you eager to record your prayers and God’s answers

>>>inspiration for your prayers, including devotional thoughts, Scripture, and quotes about the power of prayer

These two books will equip you to pray the Scriptures for the rest of your life. 
But here's a little something extra to help you get started and answer some of the FAQ’s about praying the Scriptures.

TWO training videos will teach you everything you need to know to start praying the Scriptures, answering questions like these:

+How do I know what God’s will is? And how do I ask for it?
+Is there a wrong way to pray the Scriptures?
+Do I have to use Bible verses word-for-word? Does it matter which version I use? 
+Does Scripture memory help me pray the Scriptures? 
+How do I choose a verse to pray? And how do I make it personal?

+And much more!

That’s right! The bundle includes BOTH books PLUS the BONUS training videos. 
This is a comprehensive program teaching you how to pray the Scriptures with confidence, and equipping you with the tools to do it effectively for LIFE.

Praying the Scriptures has been a primary aspect of my Christian growth over the past several years.

As I learned to pray the Scriptures for myself some time ago, I began writing about it on my blog. It’s hard to believe, but by God’s grace, my writing has helped more than 800,000 people pray the Scriptures.

I would love to show you how to develop your prayer life, diving deep into God’s Word to know Him better, love Him more, approach Him with confidence, and watch Him work through your prayers.

Jennifer Clarke's writing has helped half a million people pray the Scriptures. In Pray Unswayed, she has compiled a powerhouse of more than four hundred Scriptures covering fifty prayer topics, serving as a roadmap for effective prayer that will guide you in praying the Scriptures over every aspect and season of life.